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A Brighter Sun
An Evening of Broadway Style Love Songs
Today's Price:   $14.95 USD

Produced By:
Stephen Eager

Details: 55 minutes

• Type: Audio CD
• Ships To: United States
• Payment: PayPal, Check
• Category: Audio - Other Music

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      Product Description      

A delight to all who have ever been or ever will be in love.
Click on the links below to listen to clips from each track.
  1. A Brighter Sun
  2. Time
  3. No Fear
  4. Winter Into Summer
  5. When I'm Wrong
  6. Closer Than Ever
  7. Best Friend
  8. Sense of Loss
  9. Never Had a Doubt
  10. Don't Give Up on Your Dream
  11. That Look in Her Eyes
  12. Opposites Attract
  13. Far Away From Here
  14. When Johnny Comes Marching Home
  15. When I'm Wrong (Reprise)

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